[Interest] Android: debugger not working

Alexander Dyagilev alervdvcw at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 06:12:50 CET 2022


Any help? Again, it seems I am the only on the Earth with such a problem.

How can this be...

It's not my app - I've also tried empty apps created by Qt Creator - no 

armv7a real device + x86 + x86_64 virtual devices.

Unfortunately I do not have armv8a real device so I can't test it. I 
suspect that the only supported platform for debugging is armv8a. At 
least under Windows + Amd ryzen7.

On 12/7/2022 5:31 PM, Alexander Dyagilev wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm on Windows 10 + AMD Ryzen7 laptop.
> Is this configuration supported for developing Android applications?
> I never saw Android debugger working in this configuration.

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