[Interest] [Development] Qt 6.5 Is Irrelevant for More than 95% of Mac Desktops

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This mailing list thread is actually already part of the discussion. I am sure the relevant stakeholders will read though the mails. One important thing: the question is whether or not the _latest_ Qt version supports 3 or 4 generations of macOS – because we already support the older macOS version with the earlier Qt releases. We are avoiding to the extent possible dropping supported platforms from released versions of Qt, so macOS 10.15 continues to be supported with Qt releases up to Qt 6.4 in any case. This also leads into Qt supporting such macOS versions that Apple no longer support – like the discussed macOS 10.15 that is supported in Qt 6.4, but no longer supported by Apple.



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Thank you, Thiago, for your understanding and the assistance proposed.

Thus, we need it to be approved by the Qt Company.

Tukka, can we get the people of the Qt Company sitting and at least discussing:

1. The general issue related to the level of Qt support for Mac platforms
    considering four (4) versions to support instead of the current three (3).

2. The concrete case of Mac Support for Qt 6.5.

Even if you come back and say - sorry, we considered, but decided to
turn it down,
still the effort will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for considering the options.

Kind regards,
Robert Iakobashvili
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