[Interest] Is there a good alternative to the QML Controls in Qt6 for native desktop integration purposes?

Mark Gaiser markg85 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 16:42:56 CET 2022


I'm facing so many bugs in QML Controls in Qt6 (they used to be Controls V2
in the Qt 5.x days) that I don't want to use them at all anymore. They are
bugged beyond repair and downright unusable for native desktop integration

Is there another good open source component set out there that integrates
with the desktop. Specifically with Windows but preferably also with Linux
(kde and gnome) and Mac.

Using QWidgets should not be an alternative as it slows down development a
lot. But given the crap that QML Controls is makes me consider switching to
QWidgets instead.

Best regards,
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