[Interest] QtCreator and macOS ARM64

Michael Jackson mike.jackson at bluequartz.net
Fri Mar 18 20:03:43 CET 2022

Is there a version of QtCreator where the lldb debugger can launch on macOS ARM64. I’m running macOS Big Sur (11.x) and when I try to debug I get the following error from the debugger:


"error: process exited with status -1 (attach failed ((os/kern) invalid argument))"}


I am running Qt Creator version 4.15 since that seems to be the only viable version. I tried version 6.0.2 but the code completion is broken. The engine I am assuming is just utterly broken. My source code is filled with error markers although the code compiles fine. Which is why I dropped back to the tried-and-true version 4.15.

Does anyone else use macOS ARM machines for daily debugging? I was getting ready to switch over to an M1 based machine but if I can’t debug that could be seen as an “issue”.



Mike Jackson

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