[Interest] Qt Wayland: handle one or two displays like Weston does

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer perezmeyer at gmail.com
Fri May 19 19:01:47 CEST 2023

El viernes, 19 de mayo de 2023 11:02:16 -03 Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer escribió:
> Hi!
> Is there any example of QtWayland's compositor handling one or two monitors like Weston does?
> To be more precise: my hardware, iMX8M-PLUS based, has an LVDS display and an HDMI output.
> The LVDS display is always connected, and if weston is started it will set the shell to be as big as the LVDS display itself.
> Now if an HDMI monitor gets attached Weston will expand the shell to the right with the new display's size, something like:
> +-------------+------------------------+
> |    LVDS     |                        |
> |             |         HDMI           |
> +-------------+                        |
> |             |                        |
> +--------------------------------------+
> Hope you see that in fixed-size font :-)
> I have tried (hopefully all) the Qt 6.4.2 examples and:
> - The multi-output and multi-screen examples sadly fail with
> EGLFS: OpenGL windows cannot be mixed with others.
> This is not the same thing as what Weston does but would have helped to solve my issue in a different way.
> - All the other options seems to require a pre-defined config file (normally kms.conf) with the display's resolution previously harcoded in it. This I need to avoid as I don't know what resolution will the plugged monitor have.
> Am I missing something? Is this possible at all with QtWayland's compositor?

Actually another good question is: would it be possible to override the content on kms.conf at run time? Code for detecting a new display should be possible (weston does it, maybe there is even a dbus signal...)
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