[Qt-l10n] qt 4.7 and qt creator 2.0

Oswald Buddenhagen oswald.buddenhagen at nokia.com
Fri May 7 19:00:52 CEST 2010

moin everyone,

we have a *preliminary* release plan for qt and qt creator. if
everything goes well, we will announce string freeze next thursday, may
13 (we are already in deep feature freeze, so strings won't change much
over the next days anyway). starting then there will be two weeks until
the rcs gets tagged.

on a related note, nokia's symbian device unit is commissioning
professional translations for the parts of qt they consider relevant for
phones (*). they are not throwing away any existing translations, so if
you *want* to do the entire translation yourself, you may do so.
otherwise you may save some work by letting them do it. but note that
even in that case you'll still have enough to do, as those translations
have the quality we know from consumer devices ... 
i don't know yet what the timing of this translation delivery is going
to be, as the process hasn't been figured out yet. i'll let you know

(*) specifically, this *excludes* Qt3 support (all classes starting with
Q3), Phonon::Gstreamer, QAxSelect, QDB2Driver, QDB2Result, QIBaseDriver,
QIBaseResult, QMySQLDriver, QMySQLResult, QOCIDriver, QOCIResult,
QODBCDriver, QODBCResult, PSQLDriver, QPSQLResult, everything related to
QPrintXXX. moreover, there was talk about excluding xmlpatterns and
qtdeclarative, but somehow it is missing from the above list, so i don't
know for now. everything outside qt_xxx.ts is not translated by them,


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