[Qt-l10n] qt 4.7 and qt creator 2.0

Oswald Buddenhagen oswald.buddenhagen at nokia.com
Thu May 20 19:04:04 CEST 2010

hello everyone,

i have late and ... messy news. :-/

qt creator is now finally string-frozen, with an rc being scheduled for
week 22 (that's not even two weeks in the worst case - gasp!).

the qt 4.7 release is delayed by a few weeks.
*however*, qt creator still requires qt 4.7, so our initial binaries
will be built against a pre-release version. do yourself a favor and
don't ask for details. ;)
the official qt string freeze is due in a few days, but not necessarily
soon enough before the creator rc. so you need to start working with a
still somewhat moving target. :-(

i had no news from the symbian device unit, so i suppose they have no
intention to deliver anything for the initial qt 4.7.0 release. grmpf.

have fun!

On Fri, May 07, 2010 at 07:00:52PM +0200, Buddenhagen Oswald (Nokia-D-Qt/Berlin) wrote:
> we have a *preliminary* release plan for qt and qt creator. if
> everything goes well, we will announce string freeze next thursday, may
> 13 (we are already in deep feature freeze, so strings won't change much
> over the next days anyway). starting then there will be two weeks until
> the rcs gets tagged.
> on a related note, nokia's symbian device unit is commissioning
> professional translations for the parts of qt they consider relevant for
> phones (*). they are not throwing away any existing translations, so if
> you *want* to do the entire translation yourself, you may do so.
> otherwise you may save some work by letting them do it. but note that
> even in that case you'll still have enough to do, as those translations
> have the quality we know from consumer devices ... 
> i don't know yet what the timing of this translation delivery is going
> to be, as the process hasn't been figured out yet. i'll let you know
> asap.
> (*) specifically, this *excludes* Qt3 support (all classes starting with
> Q3), Phonon::Gstreamer, QAxSelect, QDB2Driver, QDB2Result, QIBaseDriver,
> QIBaseResult, QMySQLDriver, QMySQLResult, QOCIDriver, QOCIResult,
> QODBCDriver, QODBCResult, PSQLDriver, QPSQLResult, everything related to
> QPrintXXX. moreover, there was talk about excluding xmlpatterns and
> qtdeclarative, but somehow it is missing from the above list, so i don't
> know for now. everything outside qt_xxx.ts is not translated by them,
> either.
> regards

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