[Qt-l10n] [Development] Using Transifex for handling Qt localization?

Sergey Belyashov sergey.belyashov at gmail.com
Mon May 21 09:09:26 CEST 2012

As I understand, dusscussion is about code translation & reviewing tool.
Because currently it is impossible to adequately review chnages in
translations (linguist is required to see full context).
Best regards,
Sergey Belyashov

2012/5/21 Gábor Garami <hrgyster at gmail.com>

> Just my two cent:
> First, I am a translation leader of Hungarian language, and as I
> experience, Linguist is quite enough for translating Qt. Even if Linguist
> can be better, translating Qt is not a very special thing (except Designer
> and Creator), there are some general strings and there is a lot of examples
> how to translate them.
> In other hand, I do not know any translation service (including Transifex)
> what can tell you how the string placed what you translating. Linguist can
> show you the complete dialog where the translation will being placed and
> this help is not replaceable.
> My second thought is if Qt has a translation software and it is not found
> enough to translate the Qt itself, then we do something very wrong. If
> things are really needed to translate Qt, then we need to implement them in
> Linguist, because this is our dedicated and customizable translation tool.
> Btw, I cannot imagine why Nokia (and previously Trolltech) do not foucus
> to Linguist to improve it and make it as a best translation software (I
> used it in a lot of translation project, in some cases I converted external
> sources to TS just for use Linguist, so I little lack an objectivity). As I
> see Linguist is a quite good translator software but it can be more better
> (External API integration in suggestions, more intelligent translation
> memory), and I would like if we improve it instead of giving up a lot of
> work what invented into this utility.
> This is my private opinion, maybe I missed some points.
> Regards,
> --
> Gabor Garami
> hrgyster at gmail.com
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