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Buddenhagen Oswald Oswald.Buddenhagen at digia.com
Sat Jan 5 09:20:03 CET 2013

hi fernando,

> From git://gitorious.org/qt/qt<http://gitorious.org/qt/qt>
>    3488f1d..3b14dc9  4.7        -> origin/4.7
> ...
> Updating 3488f1d..3b14dc9
this means you are working on the 4.7 branch. this is definitely outdated and of only limited value.
this means you'll need to rebase the work against 4.8:
- git checkout 4.8   # your files are not known to git yet, so this won't overwrite/hide them
- if you want to use something from them, copy the *_pt.ts files which you didn't start with yet, in particular qt_pt.ts => qt_pt_BR.ts
- ./configure
- cd translations, run "make ts-pt_BR"
this should bring your catalogs to a current state.
once this is done and integrated, the next step will be the qt 5.0 translation (which i believe is a comparatively small step due to the low activity in the widgets/dialogs/tools area).

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