[Localization] Getting archive of htmls with Qt 5 documentation for translation

Roman Inflianskas infroma at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 11:02:35 CEST 2013


I'm a member of Qt Russian Translation Team (Qt RTT).

Latest translated version of Qt documentation is 4.8, it can be seen on site with translations[1]. Now we want to translate documentation of Qt 5.

Previous versions were translated with the help of OmegaT from html files. On wiki[2]* *I saw phrases:
>> *Translating Qt Documentation Into Other Languages*
>> The infrastructure for that is somewhat lacking.>> Remaining issue: can’t translate the in-source documentation of Qt classes. The infrastructure is in development; availability will be announced on the mailing list.
In which state this process is? Should we use old approach with translating final htmls (we translate all types of documentation, including class documentation)? If so, how can I get archive of htmls for translation? Is there downloadable archive of documentation or I should build it myself?

Regards, Roman Inflianskas

[1] http://doc.crossplatform.ru/
[2] qt-project.org/wiki/Qt-Localization
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