[Localization] Display a phrase without translation

Любомир Василев lyubomirv at abv.bg
Sat Feb 3 11:05:44 CET 2018

Hi, Pavel

I do not know if Qt directly supports such a thing (someone else could 
comment), but I believe you can write a simple function for that. 
Something like:

void logAndGUI(const std::string& text)
     TO_LOG << text;
     TO_GUI << tr(text);

If you need arguments, that would require a bit more code but it is doable.

Good luck,

Lyubomir Vasilev

На 3.02.2018 в 11:48, Карелин Павел написа:
> Hi,
> I ran into an unexpected problem: I need to output a phrase to the log 
> file and be displayed in messages for the user. In the log file, the 
> phrase should be without translation, but in the message for the user 
> with the translation.
> Is it possible to do this using only one instance of the phrase? Or do 
> I have to duplicate the phrase?
> For example:
>   TO_LOG << "Hello world"
>   TO_GUI  << tr("Hello world")   // Duplication
> --
> BR, Pavel Karelin
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