[Localization] Onboarding process for new translators of missing strings?

Justin Clift justin at postgresql.org
Tue Nov 27 03:53:15 CET 2018

Hi all,

Trying to solve a problem for a popular Qt based application I
help out with (sqlitebrowser.org).

Our translators have completed the strings for our application,
yet some of the basic Qt (5.11.2) dialog strings remain
untranslated.  eg "Cancel" and "OK" buttons, and similar things

Specifically for Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Portuguese,
and Turkish.  Other languages are fine.

It seems like these Qt strings are untranslated in the
qttranslations.git repo.

I've asked - only a few minutes ago - our translators if they'd
be willing to assist the upstream Qt project.

Bernardo (CC'd) replied that he's willing to.  He translates
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR).

Looking through the mailing list archives, it seems like new
languages need a minimum of 2 people for a viable translation.

   * 1 for the initial translation
   * 1 to review/approve the translation

Is that accurate?

As a general thought, although that seems a pretty good for
established Qt languages might it be a tad non-optimal / blockerish
for expanding out to new languages?

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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