[Localization] String-freeze breakages in Qt Creator's experimental McuSupport plugin

Alessandro Portale alessandro.portale at qt.io
Tue May 5 12:21:12 CEST 2020

Hello list,

the translators of Qt Creator among You might have noticed new
translation contexts beginning with "McuSupport*". These classes
belong to the new experimental McuSupport plugin which is meant to
ease the first steps when developing with "Qt for MCUs":
I am working on that plugin.

The Qt for MCUs offering is still undergoing substantial development
and the McuSupport plugin in Qt Creator is trying to keep up.

Since the release cycle of Qt for MCUs is not synchronized with and in
fact shorter than Qt Creator's cycle, there are some very few
inevitable additions/changes of user visible strings after Qt
Creator's 4.12.x string freeze.

During the review of
https://codereview.qt-project.org/c/qt-creator/qt-creator/+/298543 I
was asked to warn about this and to apologize, what I am hereby
doing with all my heart :)

In fact, I would like to declare that whole plugin as "please do not
translate yet", since it (and its translations) will for a while be
experimental and in a constant sate of flux. After graduating to
non-experimental, the strings should be more stable.

If You don't agree please let me know, and I will leave all translated
strings in that plugin untouched in the 4.12 branch.

Best regards,
Alessandro Portale

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