[Localization] Contributing to Qt's Simplified Chinese Translation

Tyson Tan tysontan at tysontan.com
Thu Jun 3 07:30:33 CEST 2021

Hi Qt Localization team,

My name is Tyson Tan. I'm an experienced translator and proofreader from 
the KDE community. I wish to contribute to Qt's Simplified Chinese 

And please allow me to ask some questions:

1) I've already joined Qt on transifex. Can I just translate on that 

2) There are some English source text in Danish - like "Printing 
Properties" is "Printeregenskaber" in qtbase. Is that 

3) I noticed on transifex that new translations are saved as "drafts". 
Do they become normal after a while, or I must manually click Save as 

4) My short term goal is to get the Printing dialogue properly 
translated. Can you help me find where they are?

5) Are there any quirks specific to Qt localization that I should know 
of / prioritize / avoid doing?

Best wishes,
Tyson Tan

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