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Erik Janssens Erik.Janssens at conceptive.be
Mon Apr 30 18:18:20 CEST 2012


We have a professional Weebly account,
(http://www.weebly.com/) and can offer a site account for
this purpose.

A Weebly site can host web pages + images + forms.  But it's
not suited to offer source or binary packages for download.

The downside of using Weebly is that the site should be rebuild
from scratch, something I estimate to be a couple of hours work
for someone experienced with CSS, html.  

The upside being that it's very easy to maintain.

Just let me know if this would be interesting...



On Mon, 2012-04-30 at 14:45 +0300, Matti Airas wrote:
> Hi list,
> There's one final thing in the PySide migration to Qt add-on: the 
> website. I've been trying to have the migration arranged, but progress 
> has been very slow. Also, May 3 is my last work-day at Nokia, so that 
> complicates things further.
> PySide is currently hosted at a Virtual Machine provided by Nokia IT, 
> which has made it easy because there have not been any fees or bandwidth 
> quotas (and the connectivity has been quite excellent). Unfortunately, 
> that VM is leased only until end of June, so arrangements need to be 
> made pretty soon.
> Unfortunately, Qt Project is unwilling to provide a virtual machine for 
> PySide, and therefore a direct migration of the VM is not feasible. They 
> have proposed that they can host the static content (binaries, 
> documentation & doc packages) which account for vast majority of the 
> traffic anyway. Then, the current WordPress site contents (which isn't 
> much any longer, anyway) could be moved to the wiki, with a possibility 
> to have a static landing page as the home page. The news blog would then 
> need to be migrated to any free 3rd-party blogging platform such as 
> wordpress.com. This is probably doable and something that the project 
> could live with, but it does require additional effort and decrease the 
> level of service somewhat, both for the administrators (no access to WP 
> authoring tools) and for the end-users (URLs for binaries and docs 
> change, blog aggregation needs to be updated). In the long term, this 
> would be the approach requiring the least amount of maintenance.
> Another alternative which could be feasible is to have a VM elsewhere 
> and Qt Project would just point the DNS there. The VM requirements are 
> not huge: the current VM is a single-core one Xeon 2.5 GHz with 2 GB of 
> allocated memory and 40 GB of disk space. However, the site generates 
> quite some traffic - in April, 120 GB, and the number has been 
> increasing at a steady pace. Also, having a separate VM would require a 
> dedicated admin who would be willing to maintain the VM, take backups, etc.
> I would like to hear your opinions on this one. In the first option, the 
> up front work and changes would be bigger but the long-term effort 
> lower, and no external costs would be incurred. In the latter option, 
> the migration would be less painful but having the VM would require more 
> maintenance in the future, and recurring payments would occur.
> Also, I'd like to call for volunteers to help with the migration and the 
> future maintenance. As said, my work obligation at Nokia is ending and 
> while I'm not vanishing altogether, it'd be helpful if someone else 
> could take the lead. Srini, you volunteered for the webmaster and 
> wikimaster duties in February - although this might not be what you had 
> in mind, would you still be interested?
> Also, if a separate VM is desired, a sponsor is needed for that. I 
> wonder if any companies would be interested in providing that, for a 
> modest logo or banner visibility on the web site? A basic 3rd-party VM 
> with that amount of traffic would cost some 40-50 EUR/USD a month. Not a 
> huge sum, but I wouldn't feel happy paying it out of my own pocket, 
> especially with the steadily increasing traffic.
> Cheers,
> Matti Airas
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