[PySide] PySide is Dead?

Hugo Parente Lima hugo.lima at openbossa.org
Mon Dec 10 14:38:09 CET 2012

On Sunday, December 09, 2012 11:37:07 PM Stephan Deibel wrote:
> Lucas Tanure wrote:
> > Well, I mean there is no more development.
> > But, How I can help? I have a lot free time.
> What's really needed is for more people to get up to speed on the PySide
> internals to the point of being able to review patches and eventually
> help with maintenance.   The project also needs a new lead maintainer
> since Hugo would like to step down from that role.  However, of course,
> that person would need to know PySide well enough to do that, and I
> think many of us are still learning.  I've been trying to get up to
> speed myself, but am pretty short on time so am still really just a
> PySide user w/ fairly limited knowledge of the internals.

My rant about the project:

Is normal, our the binding generator code base is a mess to understand due to 
various historical events occurred during the development, in the ideal world 
the generator would be written in Python with a clean code base, just the 
helper libraries in C++ (libshiboken and libpyside), but this would require a 
full rewrite of the generator :-/. Our typesystem file inherited from Qt-Jambi 
is also not the better way to give hints to the generator about how to 
generate bindings.

There are a lot of bug reports, but the Jira bug tracker is horrible to search 
bugs, change bug status, etc...

Would be really nice to have all those things fixed and a really believe that 
PySide only go forward if those issues get fixed.

> Right now there are a lot of bug reports in the bug tracker that have
> not moved beyond Reported status.  Some have patches and others
> (probably most) don't.  Those with patches could go into the code review
> system. A good way to start may be to look at what's in the code review
> system already for PySide (I think only 3 entries there are still open)
> to try to assess whether there are problems with those, and/or to look
> at fixing some of the bugs that don't have fixes yet, and/or move bugs
> that have patches into the code review system.
> The main PySide wiki page has links to the bug tracker, code review
> system, the existing docs, and other info:
> http://qt-project.org/wiki/PySide
> Another idea is try to write up some documentation on the PySide
> internals. Some of the docs pages referenced from wiki pages such as
> http://qt-project.org/wiki/PySide_Generating_New_Bindings (and others)
> are missing, I think in part a casualty of things getting lost in the
> transition from Nokia to Digia.  I've found there are versions of these
> in the Way Back Machine at http://archive.org/web/web.php but I don't
> know how out of date those would be.  It would be nice to have some sort
> of intact and up-to-date developer docs again, as seem to have once existed.
> Those are just some ideas.  If you do have a lot of time and the
> motivation to work on it, I think your work will be much appreciated and
> will be very helpful to all PySide users.
> - Stephan
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