[PySide] Call for help: regression bugs to be fixed

Andy Kittner andkit at gmx.de
Wed Feb 29 21:40:36 CET 2012

On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 12:23:40PM +0200, Matti Airas wrote:
>On 28.02.2012 20:40, ext Andy Kittner wrote:
>> I could probably also do at least some of them.
>Great! :-)
>> Since I never worked with gerrit before I looked around a bit and found:
>>   http://wiki.qt-project.org/Gerrit_Introduction
>>   http://wiki.qt-project.org/Setting_up_Gerrit
>> I guess they apply to PySide as well (including the mentioned
>> commit-hooks?)
>Yes, these instructions apply to PySide as well.
>> If I understood everything correctly essentially I would need to:
>>  - clone the repository
>>  - set up the hooks
>>  - make the change
>>  - push the change back to the master
>> ?
>> Anything else I need to consider?
>The push needs to be for the refs/for/master as the target ref. And
>after this, you need to either notify some reviewers about the new
>contribution (using this mailing list or the IRC channel) or manually
>add reviewers using the Gerrit web interface. Then, the patches can be
>reviewed and hopefully approved.

I just gave it a try with #5, and apparently it worked:
Issue #4 also sounded vaguely familiar, so I gave it a shot as well ;)

I also looked at issue 3, but assertNotEqual does not appear in the 
mentioned file, and the test passes for me as well (I'm using a debug 
build of the 2.7 branch from the cpython mercurial repo, about a week 
old or so).

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read any of them.
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