[PySide] About the next PySide release

Hugo Parente Lima hugo.lima at openbossa.org
Wed Feb 29 18:58:17 CET 2012


Just raising a small issue: We have enough bug fixes to do a release but due 
to this long transition to qt-projects plus the guys that didn't accepted the 
CLA for they patches, mostly of the bugfixes are on github repository and the 
github repository already differs a lot from the gitorious and gerrit 
repositories so the question is:

Should I do a release based on which repository? The most recent github with 
new bugs fixed or the gerit without the new fixes plus minor regressions due 
to people that didn't accepted the CLA?

A hard choice... because if I do the release based on github I'll have a nice 
PySide release with plenty of bugs fixed but what to do next release? i.e. it 
doesn't really solves the problem.

If I go for gerrit, maybe there's not even enough fixes for a release plus I 
don't want to spend my free time at home doing the re-work of applying patches 
and solving conflicts on the new repository instead of fixing new bugs.

While there's not a complete answer for that I can't do a release and PySide 
stays in this limbo with active development but without a release :-/, for 
sure PySide can't be that way forever.

To increase the mess yesterday I pushed commits into Shiboken to simplify 
PySide releases and development, ApiExtractor is now a static library and 
GeneratorRunner is no more, so you will only need two repositories to compile 
PySide, the one for the generator (Shiboken) and PySide itself.

Comments, opinions, whatever about this issue is appreciated.


Hugo Parente Lima
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