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Frank Rueter | OHUfx frank at ohufx.com
Wed May 16 07:56:31 CEST 2012

Hi Aaron,

thanks for confirming that I'm in the right spot.
I totally appreciate people not having time for constantly solving other 
people's problems. I was just beginning to wonder after many of my posts 
went completely unanswered.
I certainly don't intend to annoy people with my beginners questions but 
sometimes it's hard to find the right info in which case a user list is 
heaven sent.

Anyway, I appreciate all the help I have received here already, just 
wanted to make sure that I'm not barking up the wrong tree.


On 16/05/12 5:29 PM, Aaron Richiger wrote:
> Hello Frank, dear list...
> I think, you are currently at the right place, afaik, there is no other
> list. It's no problem to post user questions here, I think it's
> important for a project like PySide to have a good list where Qt/PySide
> beginners may ask some questions.
> I also thought sometimes about splitting up the list in two parts, the
> user side and the Shiboken-CoreDev-etc. part, but today, it's still all
> the same.
> As soon as I'm a little bit less stressed, I will try to answer
> questions again, but at the moment, there are other things to do
> unfortunately;-)
> Have a nice day!
> Aaron
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