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Ofek ofek at outlook.com
Sat Oct 6 03:40:33 CEST 2012



I am trying to produce a text editor similar to word (paginated) in PySide.

The way I decided to tackle this is having a QGraphicsScene with
QGraphicsTextItem for each page, and to code the focus by interaction.

Now all I am trying to do now is have a box representing an A4 page, and
handling textchanged events using the
QGraphicsTextItem.document().pageCount() function.

I bumped into several issues:

1.	How can I properly define the size of the page given the QSizeF is
not using any units? Will defining this right guarantee a true return value
from pageCount()?
2.	If I define a pageSize at all, QGraphicsTextItem stops expanding.
How can I set a fixed size so It'll look like a page?


Documentation for Qt is extremely light and I could not figure anything out
of it.



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