[PySide] PySide Digest, Vol 19, Issue 2

Oscar Campos oscar.campos at member.fsf.org
Thu Aug 8 18:15:08 CEST 2013

There are two ways to install this plugin.

If you use Package Control to install packages in your Sublime Text:
   1. Open the Command Palette
   2. Write "install"
   3. Select "Package Control: Install Package"
   4.Type "PySide"
   5. Select "SublimePySide" and press <ENTER>

If you don't use Package Control:
    1. In your Sublime Text go to Preferences > Browse Packages...
    2. Click on this link:
    3. Donwload the ZIP file and extract it to the directory that you
opened in the step 1
    4. Rename it to "PySide"

I really recommend you to install Package Control (if you don't have it
already) and install this plugin with it cos it will take care of
maintain it up to date for you with no interaction.

On 08/08/2013 04:34 PM, Matthew Ngaha wrote:
> Hey Oscar. Im pretty new to coding and don't really understand github
> and the link you posted. Could you please tell me how i could install
> that plugin, Or the direct link etc. Thanks
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