[PySide] Binding C++/VTK code using Shiboken

Nicolas SAUBAT nicolas.saubat at imag.fr
Thu Dec 12 17:09:33 CET 2013

Hi PySide users,

I'm trying to bind to Python a C++ framework, called CamiTK 
(http://camitk.imag.fr) which is based on Qt and VTK (http://www.vtk.org/).
For binding Qt C++ classes, no problem, we can tell Shiboken how to use 
Qt in Python, thanks to the provided typesystem.xml files.
But I was wondering, how we can do the same stuff using VTK ?

I know VTK is already available in Python, thus, to my mind I would need 
to tell Shiboken, what are the correspondance from the VTK C++ classes 
to the VTK Python classes, using Shiboken's rules in my input 
typesystem.xml ?
If anyone has been working on a similar problem, please let me know !


Nicolas SAUBAT
Ingénieur Recherche et Développement
Equipe GMCAO - Laboratoire TIMC-IMAG
Pavillon Taillefer
Allée des Alpes - Domaine de la Merci
38706 La Tronche
Tel : (33)04 56 52 00 10

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