[PySide] PySide for Android & comprehensive build and usage guide

Martin Kolman martin.kolman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 16:05:48 CET 2013

19.2.2013 18:39, Adrià Cereto Massagué:
> Hi Martin,
> That's great news :) Hopefully it will help  PySide's popularity.
I definitely hope so - after the death of Linux at Nokia, it wasn't lookig 
particularly good with Python on mobile devices. Android being the most 
used mobile OS should give it a good boost. :)

BTW, regarding recent PySide developments in the mobile area:

* Mer & Nemo Mobile: PySide is available [1] and already used by 
multiple applications
- as Mer & Nemo are the base Jollas Sailfish mobile OS is being build 
upon, there are good chances PySide will be available for Sailfish out 
of the box

* Ubuntu Phone/Tablet - build on Qt5, but if they either also ship Qt 4 
or PySide gets Qt 5 support, getting pyside to work on this OS/distro 
PySide should be probably easy

* BlackBerry 10 - before finishing the PySide I've managed to make 
PySide work on BB10 (building on the work of the BlackBerry-Py project 
for the BB Playbook tablet)
- there is not much documentation to for this yet, but I've summarized 
the most important gotchas in this [2] mailing list message
- my PySide & Qt Components application for BB10 called Mieru is already 
published in BlackBerry World [3]
- as BB10 already contains usable Qt libries (4.8.4) and Python (3.2), 
the packages are quite a bit smaller than on Android - about 6.9 MB for 
the above mentioned application

> BTW, I'm that mysterious "Ssorgatem at GitHub" ;) so you can use my real 
> name instead in the acknowledgements (Adrià Cereto-Massagué).
OK, fixed, thanks ! :)
> Now kivy's got real competition.
I've investigated Kivi when looking for a cross-platform mobile-friendly 
GUI toolkit some time ago, but it seemed to be too low-level.
> Kind regards,
> Adrià
Best wishes

[2] http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/21903916/
[3] http://www.engcorp.com/pipermail/blackberry-python/2013/000023.html

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