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Fabien Castan fabcastan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 17:40:30 CEST 2013



Has someone started some development or test for Qt5 support?


It could be really usefull to have a basic setup to start the development
of Qt5 support. Maybe a project with just the support of QtCore could be a
really good starting point.

With such setup, external people like me could test and try to help in an
iterative process.


I don’t know what is the difficulty to switch to Qt5. There is always a
discussion about improving the binding tool with the binding of Qt5. Are
these improvements really needed for Qt5 support?


The only major change, I have seen, is how signals are managed. There is
specific things in PySide and that should be completely invalid in Qt5. But
maybe, it’s easier in Qt5 as it uses objects for signals?

The other changes are simply a lot of renaming in QtQuick objects, new
split between modules and a lot of evolutions in the api. But all that
changes are handled in typesystem files and everyone could easily
contribute on that part, no?


I have the habit to use PySide/QML for UI stuff and C++ for the engine.
It’s a real pleasure and a big speedup for the development. Using python
for the UI is really usefull!

But it’s difficult to ignore all the improvements done in Qt5 and QtQuick2.


Best regards,

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