[PySide] PySide sprint, June 28 & 29

John Ehresman jpe at wingware.com
Mon Jun 24 17:57:00 CEST 2013

On 6/23/13 5:53 AM, Guillaume Baty wrote:
> Hi,
> Will the conferences or chat in IRC be registered ?
>>From Europe,  there is a big time difference (at least 7hours) so it will be
> quite hard to follow it directly.
> I am very interested in the first part "help developers get familiar with the
> C++ parts of the implementation". A written summary or recorded
> visioconference would be very great!

As far as know, there won't be a video recording of the sprint.  I 
wonder if we could log the irc channel for a couple of days; is there 
someone interested in looking into setting that up?  Better, though, 
might be to set up some time convenient for you where some developers 
can be on irc to answer questions you have as you dive into the code.



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