[PySide] Resurrecting PySide

Stephan Deibel sdeibel at wingware.com
Sun Mar 17 17:17:14 CET 2013

lndn wrote:
> All the recent scary "PySide is Dead" emails really prompted me to 
> think about what we can do to improve the situation.  Not being 
> familiar with the PySide/Shiboken internals, I thought it would be a 
> good idea to start by cleaning up the wiki pages on qt-project.
> However, as I combed through these pages, I noticed that many of the 
> links were broken and pointing to old pyside.org <http://pyside.org> 
> pages that no longer exist and the content contains outdated and 
> incomplete information.  What is really needed is a major overhaul in 
> updating the content.
> So what's the official word on a massive re-organizing of these pages? 
>  Can I just take the initiative and do it?  I'd like to start off by 
> just putting the wiki pages in some order so things are easy to find 
> and then later go through the content and update the content one page 
> at a time.  My goal is just to help users and developers easily 
> navigate to the pages they need.
> Any thoughts or people interested in helping would be great.

This would be very helpful!

I have in the past found some of the missing pages on archive.org.  You 
can paste urls there in the WayBackMachine box and see dated archives of 
the page.  It would be great to put back some of that lost content 
(which I think was lost in the Nokia -> Digia transition).

For outdated docs, it seems best to keep them somewhere (an archive 
area?) or clearly label them, rather than removing them for now.  I 
suspect some of these may be helpful to people trying to understand and 
move PySide forward.

Thanks for offering to do this!

- Stephan

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