[PySide] Resurrecting PySide

lndn lndndev at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 04:02:49 CET 2013

I just spent the weekend organizing some of the pyside wiki pages (
http://qt-project.org/wiki/PySide) and making small updates to the content
here and there.

Still needs a lot of work, but if someone can take a look and tell me what
you think so far, I can start focusing on important areas.


On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 9:17 AM, Stephan Deibel <sdeibel at wingware.com>wrote:

> lndn wrote:
>> All the recent scary "PySide is Dead" emails really prompted me to think
>> about what we can do to improve the situation.  Not being familiar with the
>> PySide/Shiboken internals, I thought it would be a good idea to start by
>> cleaning up the wiki pages on qt-project.
>> However, as I combed through these pages, I noticed that many of the
>> links were broken and pointing to old pyside.org <http://pyside.org>
>> pages that no longer exist and the content contains outdated and incomplete
>> information.  What is really needed is a major overhaul in updating the
>> content.
>> So what's the official word on a massive re-organizing of these pages?
>>  Can I just take the initiative and do it?  I'd like to start off by just
>> putting the wiki pages in some order so things are easy to find and then
>> later go through the content and update the content one page at a time.  My
>> goal is just to help users and developers easily navigate to the pages they
>> need.
>> Any thoughts or people interested in helping would be great.
> This would be very helpful!
> I have in the past found some of the missing pages on archive.org.  You
> can paste urls there in the WayBackMachine box and see dated archives of
> the page.  It would be great to put back some of that lost content (which I
> think was lost in the Nokia -> Digia transition).
> For outdated docs, it seems best to keep them somewhere (an archive area?)
> or clearly label them, rather than removing them for now.  I suspect some
> of these may be helpful to people trying to understand and move PySide
> forward.
> Thanks for offering to do this!
> - Stephan
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