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Tue Mar 19 03:57:44 CET 2013

John, any updates on getting added as a reviewer or maintainer?

Since I don't know who's who and the PySide contributors list (
http://qt-project.org/wiki/PySideContributors) is way out of date, I'm
wondering if any of the core developers are still around to contribute.  I
just re-organized some of the pyside wiki pages (
http://qt-project.org/wiki/PySide) and the development section really needs
someone who is more knowledgeable to update the content, or maybe write a
page or two.

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 3:48 PM, John Ehresman <jpe at wingware.com> wrote:

> On 3/18/13 2:52 PM, Hugo Parente Lima wrote:
> > Yes, I want to step down as maintainer, I'm no longer working on
> > PySide and the code base in fading out from my memory month after
> > month, the main problem now is that I don't know who on Qt-Project
> > is responsible for add/remove approvers/maintainers.
> Would Lars Knoll be the one to ask?  It would probably be better if
> the request came from you and Marcelo Lira since you're listed as the
> maintainers on http://qt-project.org/wiki/Maintainers
> >> I ask now because I want to move towards a new shiboken & pyside
> >> release.  There are a few bugs fixed in the current sources and
> >> we should push those fixes out.  Is there any documentation of
> >> what is needed to make a new release?
> >
> > We had a list with steps to do for a release somewhere in the Wiki,
> > the technical part is:
> >
> > - Run "make dist" to create the tarball. - Tag the version on git.
> > - Bump the version on CMakeLists.txt. - Upload the tarball. -
> > Update the download links on our wiki page. - Send a email to the
> > list telling.
> I can't seem to find it on the wiki, but that list is probably a good
> start.
> Thanks,
> John
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