[PySide] Additional pyside reviewers

Matti Airas mairas at iki.fi
Tue Mar 19 05:49:42 CET 2013

On 18 Mar 2013 23:53, "Hugo Parente Lima" <hugo.lima at openbossa.org> wrote:
> Yes, I want to step down as maintainer, I'm no longer working on PySide
> the code base in fading out from my memory month after month, the main
> now is that I don't know who on Qt-Project is responsible for add/remove
> approvers/maintainers.

I'd like to thank on my behalf for the awesome contribution you've done for
PySide over the past years. It's been quite incredible!

The different roles and nomination process are described here:


Basically, you, Hugo, should just send an email your proposal to
development at qt-project.org mailing list. A cc to Lars probably won't harm,
but the reasoning should be in public.


Nominating a bunch of new approvers at the same time probably wouldn't
harm, either... :-)


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