[PySide] Honkin Idea for PySide's thriving

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 12:10:58 CET 2013

On 2013-03-20 07:41, Christian Tismer wrote:
> Hey friends, it struck me, and I want to share before it's gone.
> I am writing this in the spirit of the PyCon US pyside BOF:
> Besides the technical issues and the things we discussed to create a real
> PySide community, I would like to add a hew goal.
> Make PySide the new standard Gui toolkit for Python!
> I see a lot of my core Python friends sharing my impression that PySide
> Is a great thing. If we can push it enough, it could even be an officially supported toolkit for python-dev!
> Either as a replacement or a supported alternative to Tcl/Tk, it could quite rapidly grow a pretty large community!
> This is a very rough and fresh idea, and I would like to know what would be
> Stopping us from doing that?

Do you mean putting PySide into the standard library like Tkinter? Legal and 
technical showstoppers aside, I do not think that will work to PySide's benefit. 
PySide needs much more frequent updates than the standard library's development 
cycle permits. Development of a library does not speed up by putting it into the 
standard library. Rather, development slows to a crawl of cautious bugfixes. One 
doesn't get a large community of users by being in the standard library; one 
*might* get into the standard library by already having a large community of 
users. I think PySide will flourish best outside of the standard library.

Robert Kern

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  an underlying truth."
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