[PySide] How to Generate PySide Documentation

Algis Kabaila akabaila at pcug.org.au
Mon Mar 25 23:59:39 CET 2013


Excellent news! Good documentation is so important - it can make or break 
any development effort.

Have you thought of getting users to write ir rst (Restructured Text 
format).? It is easy and the "raw drafts" can be quite readable.  Then, of 
course, Sphinx will translate them to pdf or html format.

I saw this method successfully used in the development of "Bazaar".  
Unfortunately, the man leading the development of this documentation 
method passed away, though his work still lingers on.


On Monday 25 March 2013 13:11:58 Roman Lacko wrote:

I made some progress on doc generation. here is is what will be available 
(if everything goes well):

- doc generation will be included in python-setup build scripts so 
everyone can build the documentation when needed

- Starting from next version PySide prebuild packages will contain full 
shiboken and pyside documentation out-of-the-box for offline reading

- PySide and Shiboken documentation will be available on Read The Docs 
(allraedy reserved the site here https://readthedocs.org/projects/pyside/)


2013/3/23 lndn <lndndev at gmail.com>

Thats great!  If you get a mini-howto, I'll post it on the PySide wiki. 
 That way we'll have a method of getting the documentation back if it ever 
gets lost again.

On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 7:59 AM, Roman Lacko <backup.rlacko at gmail.com> 

I'm trying to generate the latest documentation for version 1.1.2 (on 
windows). I will send here the mini-howto when it's ready.


2013/3/22 lndn <lndndev at gmail.com>

Does anybody know how the PySide documentation was generated?  I can't 
imagine this being a straight forward task.  I want to take a look at how 
feasible it is to reconstruct the 1.1.0 and maybe get a 1.1.2 
documentation created as well.

I think we badly need documentation for the latest version of PySide and 
keep this momentum going forward if PySide is going to receive new updates 
in the future.

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