[PySide] Near term plans for pyside

Robin Dunn robin at alldunn.com
Thu Mar 28 18:22:49 CET 2013

John Ehresman wrote:
> I'd like to outline what I'd like to see happen regarding pyside in the
> near-term:


> * Getting more people up to speed on pyside internals -- the more people
> that know how the C++ core of pyside works, the more people who can fix
> bugs and improve it.  I plan on helping C++ developers as they dive into
> the code as well as trying to document the internals.  My hope is that
> we can get a few more developers involved and to the point where they
> can be added as reviewers.

I am definitely interested in helping out here. (Or at least my 
enthought.com persona is ;-) )  Hopefully many of my experiences with 
wxPython will carry over well and will be useful here.

One thing that would be helpful for new contributors is a getting 
started doc of some sort.  There are bits and pieces of this all over, 
but having it all in one spot would be good.  If it does already exist 
somewhere then let's make it more prominent.  Some things it should 
include are:

  * Which of the source repositories should be considered the master copy.

  * Which repos should collectively be considered to be PySide.  (PySide 
+ Shiboken + PySide-Tools ???  Are there others?)

  * Where is the issue tracker?

  * How should contributions be submitted?  Pull requests?  Patches 
attached to tracked issues? Something else?

  * What coding standards should be followed?

  * How to build PySide

  * etc.

> Further down the road (but not that far) is improving things at the C++
> level and working on supporting qt5.
> If you can help with any of this, please consider contributing to
> pyside.  You can ask here if you have questions or on #pyside on
> freenode (I would like to see the irc channel become more active).

I'm there as RobinD.

Robin Dunn
Software Craftsman

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