[PySide] Near term plans for pyside

lndn lndndev at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 21:58:26 CET 2013

I've been patiently waiting for an email like this, thank you!

I'll continue working on the wiki and documentation and update the roadmap
to include the points you mentioned.  I'm also on the #pyside IRC channel
so if anybody is on, find me.

On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 10:19 AM, John Ehresman <jpe at wingware.com> wrote:

> I'd like to outline what I'd like to see happen regarding pyside in the
> near-term:
> * Getting a new minor release out -- there are fixes in the git
> repository that should be more widely used so I'm interested in making a
> release of the current code, with perhaps a few other minor fixes.  The
> release will come from a new team of developers (including myself) and
> we'll be learning how to do it along the way.
> * Improving documentation for Python developers -- Roman and Indn have
> started working on the wiki and the generated documentation and my hope
> is that we can generate / update docs in the future as releases occur.
> * Cleaning up the bug tracker -- numerous bugs have been filed and I
> need to get a sense of them and their relative importance.  Some can be
> closed (at least one of my bugs is fixed but I don't currently have the
> privileges to close it) and perhaps others are easy fixes.  I'd also
> like to get more people looking at the tracker and triaging reports.
> * Getting more people up to speed on pyside internals -- the more people
> that know how the C++ core of pyside works, the more people who can fix
> bugs and improve it.  I plan on helping C++ developers as they dive into
> the code as well as trying to document the internals.  My hope is that
> we can get a few more developers involved and to the point where they
> can be added as reviewers.
> Further down the road (but not that far) is improving things at the C++
> level and working on supporting qt5.
> If you can help with any of this, please consider contributing to
> pyside.  You can ask here if you have questions or on #pyside on
> freenode (I would like to see the irc channel become more active).
> Cheers,
> John
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