[PySide] learning PySide with PyQt book

Gour gour at atmarama.net
Fri May 24 22:13:39 CEST 2013

On Fri, 24 May 2013 12:39:45 -0500
Mike Driscoll <mike at pythonlibrary.org> wrote:

> If you're talking about Summerfield's book, then yes, I think it works
> alright for learning PySide. 

Yes, that book.

> However, it does use some older coding
> conventions, so you'll have to watch out for that. I haven't finished
> reading it, but I do know that he's using the old school way of
> connecting signals to slots.

OK. Thanks.

> What's in wxWidgets 3 that you absolutely need? I have yet to find
> anything that wx can't do (except for silly stuff like skinning).

Well, I believe it's the only major toolkit using native widgets, right?


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