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Otto Chiu ochiu at teslamotors.com
Wed May 29 21:05:26 CEST 2013

Hi Zak,
Sorry I wasn't clear. The "our libraries" are written in C++ using the Qt framework and compiled as dlls using MSVC2008. We use Shiboken to create bindings so that we can use the libraries in Python.

We don't anticipate the need to compile the PySide libraries from source, but from what I understand, we do need to make bindings to the code we wrote in C++. The code will be recompiled as Linux shared libraries, most likely using g++. It will be nice if we can continue to use Shiboken to create the bindings. I have read some tutorials about a year ago, but I can't seem to find them anymore.


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Hello Otto,

When you talk about building "our libraries" and making bindings for the libraries, are you talking about PySide and Qt, or custom libraries that you wrote, or other third-party libraries, or some combination?

With respect to PySide and Qt, you probably don't need to compile anything or make any bindings yourself. Many Linux distributions have precompiled PySide binaries, see here:


If you have a different flavor of Linux or want a newer version, then you can rebuild PySide from source, the link above also has instructions for that.

If you are talking about custom libraries or third-party libraries, then I am afraid we need more information. Also, there is a good chance that it is not relevant to this mailing list, because this is the PySide mailing list. We can suggest other mailing lists, if given enough information. Here are some relevant questions:

1. What are the libraries?

2. Are the libraries written in C or C++?

3. What C or C++ compiler do you use on Windows: Visual Studio, MinGW, or something else?

4. What tool do you use to make Python bindings: ctypes, Cython, SWIG, Shiboken, or something else?

Good luck,

Zak Fallows

On 5/29/13 12:45 PM, Otto Chiu wrote:
Hi All,
In my current project setup, we build our libraries as dll and use cmake to create our bindings in Windows. We need to port everything to Linux, so I want to scope out the changes and see if anybody has any good references to creating bindings in Linux. At the minimum I will need to rebuild my libraries in Linux. Will I need to redo my cmake build scripts or should they be sufficient with little modification? Do the windows bindings reference anything specific in the dll or can I reuse them in Linux and place the dynamic libraries in the same path?

Of course, I haven't provided any code and everything is really high-level. I just wanted to see if anyone has gone through this process already and can provide a pointer or two.



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