[PySide] PySide on Wine

S. Champailler schampailler at skynet.be
Thu Nov 7 09:34:22 CET 2013


Not a bug this time... This mail just to tell you that I've been able to run my
PySide-heavy application with Wine on Debian.
And in non trivial way.

1. So I've my python 2.7/sqlalchemy/PySide application.
2. I make a nice distributable *.exe version out of it with PyInstaller
3. Then I run the exe with Wine (the latest one)
4. yes! it works

My use case is that I want to test my release procedure for windows. And since
I'm a Debian fan, well, although I produce Windows executables, I still want to
test under Linux :-)

Next step is to actually run PyInstaller under Wine. This way I will be able to
stay in Linux 100% of the time.

Thus one more good point for PySide :-)

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