[PySide] PySide on Wine

S. Champailler schampailler at skynet.be
Thu Nov 7 10:33:21 CET 2013

Bonjour Sylvain,

>  I'm curious, why don't you port your application ?

Well, not sure I get your question, but here's the context.

I develop a manufacturing system for a customer. This *must* run on Windows (I'd
love the to use Linux but well, I'm sure you're aware of the
linux-on-the-desktop story :-) ).

I develop most of the time on Windows but being an idealist, I'd like two things
- I'd like my software to run on Linux (which it does, provided some careful
handling of portability issues; thansk to PySide/python, etc this is quite
- I'd like to develop my software on Linux (even if its end target is Windows).

Now, you could say that since the target is windows, it's safer/more economical
to do the actual testing on Windows. In practice, I spent 95% of my time in that

However, there's something practical here. My application is a typical fat
client/server one. It is deployed at my customer's premise which is behind a
firewall. Since I work 100km away from him, we have established a secure
connection between the server and me. That server runs linux. From time to time
I want to check that the fat-client behaves correctly once run in the customer's
network. So what I do is that I deploy my fat-client over the server and test it
there. Since the server is the only machine I have access to and it runs linux,
my fat-client must run on Linux as well if I want to be able to do my tests.

You see ?


>  2013/11/7 S. Champailler <schampailler at skynet.be
> <mailto:schampailler at skynet.be> >
>    > >    Hello,
> >
> >    Not a bug this time... This mail just to tell you that I've been able to
> > run my
> >    PySide-heavy application with Wine on Debian.
> >    And in non trivial way.
> >
> >    1. So I've my python 2.7/sqlalchemy/PySide application.
> >    2. I make a nice distributable *.exe version out of it with PyInstaller
> >    3. Then I run the exe with Wine (the latest one)
> >    4. yes! it works
> >
> >    My use case is that I want to test my release procedure for windows. And
> > since
> >    I'm a Debian fan, well, although I produce Windows executables, I still
> > want to
> >    test under Linux :-)
> >
> >    Next step is to actually run PyInstaller under Wine. This way I will be
> > able to
> >    stay in Linux 100% of the time.
> >
> >    Thus one more good point for PySide :-)
> >
> >    stF
> >
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