[PySide] PySide on OS X

Tim Doty thoromyr at mac.com
Sat Nov 9 02:47:43 CET 2013

PySide 1.2.1 does not appear to be available for OS X. That is, prebuilt is only on Windows, linux uses whatever distros package management, and OS X users are expected to get the Qt developer source and compile everything from scratch. At least, the only 1.2.1 I can find presents it that way [https://pypi.python.org/pypi/PySide]

PySide 1.1.1 appears to be the last packaged for OS X. [https://qt-project.org/wiki/PySide_Binaries_MacOSX] Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be compatible with OS X 10.9 inasmuch as PySide was installed and working until I updated to 10.9.

Is anyone using PySide on OS X? On OS X 10.9? Although theoretically I could compile Qt and PySide that isn’t a particularly good solution when the apps I write need to be able to run on other systems — for better or worse I lack the requisite knowledge to package up Qt and PySide for redistribution.

Is PySide just not widely enough used that lack of OS X support doesn’t matter?

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