[PySide] pyside-rcc ignoring certain files

Frank Rueter | OHUfx frank at ohufx.com
Tue Nov 19 06:16:57 CET 2013

Hi all,

I'm having some trouble with pyside-rcc trying to compile some svg and 
png files.
All went well until the compiler decided to ignore one of the image 
files. When I changed that image file's name to be suffixed with an 
underscore it worked. I shrugged it off as a bizarre bug and kept going, 
but now I have a bunch of images that act up and whos name I have to 
change in order for pyside-rcc to actually recognise them.
Here is a list (you can see the underscored ones):

??? 3d.svg
??? channel.svg
??? color.svg
??? deep.svg
??? draw.svg
??? filter.svg
??? flipbook.png
??? image.svg
??? import_export.png
*??? keyer_.svg*
??? merge.svg
??? metadata.svg
??? nodegraph.png
*??? other_.svg*
*??? particles_.svg*
??? presets.png
*??? python_.png*
??? render.png
??? stereo.svg
??? time.svg
??? transform.svg
??? ui.png

What's even stranger, is this:
The first file to be ignored was "particles.svg", so I changed it to 
"particles_.svg" and it worked.
After doing the same to a few more files that kept being ignored, the 
particles_.svg all of a sudden is ignored again.
And even stranger, when giving the "particles_.svg" another underscore 
in it's name like "particles__.svg" the "other_.svg" image is ignored as 
well. It feels like I'm a geeky hidden camera show or something :-D

Has anybody ever seen this?


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