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you can find tutorials on web, just google "pyside binding generator" and
"pyside hybrid app".
We add "--enable-pyside-extensions" and on a non-windows you don't need to
use "--avoid-protected-hack"
Thats all the difference.

We've been using pyside very extensively (3 years, win32, linux x86/x64) in
our product https://www.datadvance.net/product/pseven/
We've fixed some of bugs in core of shiboken (c++ bindings generator

Generally I think PySide is great because it allows to create flexible
bindings with almost no time cost (xml declaration --> c++ code generation).
We've automated and integrated that in build process with CMake and it
works smoothly, same on all platforms.

Two major problems:
* lack of C++ exceptions handling and translation between c++/python layers
(I've submitted 2 years ago
* lack of Qt 5.x support (requires to update all xml of Qt* libraries and
some work in a shiboken)

We have good understanding of pyside internals.
There are lots of small bugs that need to be fixed, the problem is
dedicated time and funding.

2014-12-05 2:17 GMT+03:00 Otto Chiu <ochiu at teslamotors.com>:

>  Hi,
> A couple of years ago I inherited a project to build Windows Python
> bindings for C++ Qt code. While I understand the big picture concept, I do
> not understand the details of every step in the way. I now need to make
> bindings for OS X and Linux, so I would like to take the opportunity to
> understand how this is done. The PySide docs seem to be a little bit
> outdated. Can someone help describe the process and if there are any
> example of generating bindings for the non-Windows platform?
> Thanks!
> Otto
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