[PySide] QtNetwork.QSslSocket.supportsSsl()

Joel B. Mohler JMohler at Gamry.com
Wed Oct 8 19:32:37 CEST 2014

I just found an annoying bit in PySide.__init__ while examining 
application start-up time.  On my windows 7 32 bit machine, the call to 
QtNetwork.QSslSocket.supportsSsl() takes almost exactly 1 second.    
This seems inappropriate to me to force that call at that location since 
it takes that long.  Many applications would be conceivable that don't 
use QtNetwork at all or ssl but they all need to pay that cost.

A related point is that I might want to use QSplashScreen but the most 
basic PySide import already imposes this 1-second delay.  That partly 
defeats the purpose of the splash screen.

My question is two-fold then:
1)  Is there a plausible way to generally delay the action until it is 
more specifically needed?
2)  Is there a way I can forcibly remove that check for myself in a 
maintainable way?

Well, there is sort of an answer to #2 by deleting the openssl directory 
since my app uses pure python for network access (if any) -- that's ugly 
to have to delete it though.  It's frustrating that I can't monkey patch 
this because I have to import PySide to monkeypatch and then the time is 
already wasted.


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