[PySide] questions about changes to Qt open-source related to pyside

John.Black at cor.gov John.Black at cor.gov
Mon Oct 20 20:22:07 CEST 2014

I am a novice Python programmer and have been using Qt 4.8 with Pyside
successfully for over a year.


The way I understand it, Qt is owned by Digia which licenses Qt 5.4, but
the open source version, Qt 4.8 has been available for free.

It now appears that Digia is now offering the open source version as
LPGL-version 3 from their corporate web-site - I'm trying to understand
this without hiring a lawyer ;-)



The open source product (Community Version) is available from:


I did not try installing the Community Version because I don't want to
disrupt my current development environment.

Can someone tell me if Pyside is going to incorporate the Qt 5.4 Community
Version and whether it will be available on https://pypi.python.org/pypi  ?

I really like using Qt Designer to build my GUI interface in Python but I'm
confused about where Pyside will be a year from now and whether I should be
moving to the Community Version from Digia???

Thanks in advance,

John Black
Traffic Operations Engineer
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