[PySide] PySide Is Dead?

João Ventura joaojonesventura at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 00:25:00 CET 2015

On 09/02/15 16:07, pyside-request at qt-project.org wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> Thanks for the reply.  I've been using PySide/Qt4 for a bit now and it's
> working great!
> But I'm also interested to know about future development -- is it just
> stalled or is it completely off the table?  And why?
> Plus I'm also interested to know about the PySide community.  Is there
> still enough support or is everyone already moving on to something else,
> i.e. PyQt?  I know that's a tough question to answer but wanted to get
> some thoughts on this.
> Cheers,
> Robert

Hi Robert,

I used to have a PySide (Qt4.8) application, but I decided to move on 
since Qt5 will probably never see a PySide port. Also, I don't remember 
where I found it, but I read that Qt 4.8 is going to be discontinued 
later this year, although other PySide developers may confirm it (or not).

If you want to go with Qt5, you can either check PyQt5, or go with QML + 
Pyotherside. Pyotherside is a C++ bridge which allows you to call Python 
code from your QML code. QML is quite good nowadays, and with 
pyotherside you may almost not touch javascript. And with Qt Quick 
Controls you can use native OS widgets within QML.

But there are other possible routes: In my personal case, since I needed 
SVG's and the SVG support in Qt5 is very bad (specially on the retina 
MacBooks - not webview), my only solution was to go with web 
technologies. So currently I am rewriting my desktop app with the 
following stack: Atom-shell for the desktop launcher and webview, 
javascript for my API, React.js or Famo.us for the layouts/views (still 
researching both), SVG for the charts (through javascript templating), 
and node.js as wrapper for the stuff that need to interface with C/C++ 
and Databases. This is my cross-platform desktop app stack.

I would prefer to keep using Qt5 and Python, but SVG sucks in Qt5 and 
with Javascript I can reuse much of the code on web/http (which I'm 
currently doing). Python is great, but is completely lacking in 
browserland (projects as "Brython" are not performant enough), and 
Javascript is not so bad after you get used to it..

Good luck,
João Ventura

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