[PySide] Should I be able to build pyside2-5.12 from source?

Brent Villalobos brent.villalobos at dreamworks.com
Fri Dec 13 19:56:47 CET 2019

I followed the instructions on this page for building pyside2-5.12 from

Towards the end of the build, I run into this error:
**Skiping copy tree
Source does not exists. filter=None. ignore=None.

The last time I build pyside2 from source (5.6), it built just fine.  I
don't see any bug tickets about "pyside2uic" issues so I think I'm doing
something wrong.  Has anyone else encountered this build issue?  Should I
even be attempting to build from source or is the recommended way of using
pyside2 doing a pip install?
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