[PySide] How to create Qt lib bindings and publicate it to pip

Михаил Миловидов milovidovmikhail at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 22:31:40 CEST 2020


I have open source project -
I want to create python bindings for my lib such as separate python package
and publicate it in pip.
The lib - https://github.com/synacker/daggy/tree/master/src/DaggyCore) -
that I want to publicate based on Qt framework and has signals/slots
It means, that lib must be binary compatable with pyside2 python
package, for using signals and slots.
I think, that this lib can give boost for using Qt in python in non-gui
cases, because it gives solution that not exists on python:

There are no direct ways for local or remote data streaming and
aggregation, but my lib will offer to do this in simple way with Qt
signals/slot async model.
Therefore, I'm very motivated in python bindings, but still not understand,
how to ensure binary compatibility with pyside2 python package.

Is there any tutorials, examples or may be docker containers for building
Qt lib python bindings with the same envoronment, such as pyside2 in pip?
At this time, I understand, how to compile my Qt lib python bindings
compatable with pyside2 only for local compilation from source, but don't
understand how to ensure compatibility with pyside2 from pip.

Thank you for attention!
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