[PySide] raise_() method not effective on macOS for QGLWidget

Michel Sanner sanner at scripps.edu
Sun May 10 04:46:42 CEST 2020

I wrote a small test program for a drawer sliding out and in next to button.
The program can slide drawer over QLabelWidget or QGLWidgetb based on the command line argument ‘label’ or ‘ogl’
It works just fine on Linux for both ‘label’ and ‘ogl’, however on Mac OS (10.13.6) it work for ‘label’ but doesn’t for ‘ogl’.
The drawer comes out but behind the OpenGL widget, as if the raise_() did not pop the drawer in front.

Any help with that would be welcome


I attach the code (drawer.py)

Michel F. Sanner
Associate Professor of Biology
Department of Integrated Structural and Computational Biology
Scripps Research, La Jolla, CA

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