[PySide] PySide2 on OSX 12.5.1 not working?

Frank Rueter frank at ohufx.com
Sat Aug 27 00:30:41 CEST 2022

Hi all,

I just set up PySide2 on my laptop but when I run a simple test like the
below all I get is an empty window which freezes/beachballs straight away.
No messages in the Console app or my python interpreter so I have no idea
what is going on.

I installed pyside2 into a virtual env as usual:

   python3.7 -m venv venv_pyside2

followed by:

   source venv_pyside2/bin/activate

Then ran this test code:

from PySide2 import QtWidgets

import sys
args = sys.argv
app = QtWidgets.QApplication(args)
w = QtWidgets.QMessageBox()

Any ideas why PySide2 will just beachball? I used to do a lot of PySide on
my laptop but that was on older OSX versions, so I suspect some insanely
paranoid security settings in the latest version.


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