[PySide] editing selected cells in QTabelWidget

David Ching dc at dcsoft.com
Wed Aug 31 18:08:49 CEST 2022

> From: Frank Rueter mailto:frank at ohufx.com 
> Thanks, I solved that part by not using the persistent editor at all as that seemed to interrupt things.
> Instead I just use the mousePressEvent on the table to make single clicks edit the cells. Then I have 
> the delegate's setModelData method deal with bulk editing selected rows.
> This seems to work really well and is quite transparent in the code so I am happy for now.
> Thanks for holding my hand!

Great! I am glad to help, I wish continued traffic on the mailing list as I think the PySide community is really great, but you don’t get a sense of that. It seems most of the users are very niche so there is not some industry swell around any one thing about it.


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