[QBS] Platform probe procedure

BogDan bog_dan_ro at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 27 16:21:10 CEST 2012

Hi Joerg,
>>  Sorry to bother you again with this request, we discuss about at QtCS and
>>  I wonder if we can get it a push ... :), I'd like to help you with 
> QtCreator
>>  integration, I have some experience from Android plugin !
> Sorry, I still fail to see why a "platform config where you can generate a 
> user interface from" is crucial. The use case "install Necessitas, 
> then install newer NDK" can be solved by having a special setup page in the 
> Qt Creator Android plugin.

Why to spend time to make a special setup page when you can spend the same
time to create a generic one which can be used by all plugins :) ?

> Yes, that generic aproach would be nice to have. It could be done by using 
> PropertyOptions that can assign "properties to properties", like a 
> description or the UI element type for my sake.

Just imagine how convenient will be for qbs users to just create a small config file
with all these properties and "properties to properties" to define a new toolchian/platform,
instead to write code for qbs probe and to code special pages for all these platforms/toolchains.
As I said, if you can provide all properties and all "properties to properties", I can help 
with QtCreator implementation, I need someone to help me to get it done in qbs :)

> What tool is going to "render" the UI elements? Qt Creator? A special 
> qbs tool? A web browser? :)
The beauty of this approach is that all of them can do it easily :) !
You can have it in QtCreator, the same sources can be shared by a special
qbs GUI tool (similar with cmake-gui), and yes, even a web browser can be 
used for this job :)


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