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Tue Sep 4 17:59:52 CEST 2012

It gets even more complex than that. What happens to files which are generated as part of the process, either as a direct effect or a side effect? 
As a direct effect we know and can add it to the DAG and process it. An as side effect we don't know, unless we "introspect" the tools we run (which is my end dream goal with QBS, as you know ;).

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On 9/3/12 7:18 Bornemann Joerg (Nokia-MP/Berlin) wrote:
On 29/08/2012 15:15, ext Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:

>>>> What is real reason for not to generate list of files in qbs files? Look at this:
>>>> Group {
>>>>       pattern: "src/*.cpp"
>>>>       overrideTags: false
>>>> }
>>> this was discussed before on this list.
>> And the outcome of that discussion was...?
> http://lmgtfy.com/?q=qbs+project+wildcards
> oh, it wasn't the list, but jira. big difference.

For your convenience, here's the link: 

To sum up the discussion outcome: We want to have this feature but its 
implementation isn't a no-brainer. On every qbs run the wild cards must 
be evaluated and compared with the result of the last evaluation, if 
there is one.


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